Stanley cup finals series 2012 odds and betting

We are getting really close to Stanley cup finals series and I want to take clear look at possible match-ups.

As I am writing this, on one side of possible match-up we have LA Kings leading 3:0 in series, sorry fans of Coyotes but based on statistics and level of play LA Kings show I am going to assume they will be one of the two teams playing in finals (LA Kings having lost only 1 game in last 11 doesn’t help Phoenix at all).

Here are some Stanley cup 2012 odds

Guessing their opponents is much harder task since at this moment New Jersey Devils are tied up in series with New York Rangers 1:1

Rangers were considered favorites by many at the beginning of playoff series but it doesnt mean much, especially this season (Vancouver, Boston, Nashville are clear examples why)

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I still think Rangers have higher chances to make it to the finals but I am going to wait couple more games to see where series turn before I make a prediction who is going to win Stanley cup finals 2012